woensdag 4 januari 2017

Orange NSW 14:18 Xavier & Diamond

5:25 Diamond on the ledge, Xavier arrives.
5:25 Diamond leaves.
14:17 Xavier on the ledge.
14:18 Diamond arrives.
14:21 Xavier leaves.
14:27 Diamond scraping.
15:08 Diamond leaves.
15:10 Xavier arrives.
16:06 Xavier leaves.

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Orange NSW Sound video from Cilla Kinross

Another year and peregrines in love

Published 4 January, 2017 | By Cilla Kinross

It seems our pair are really cementing their bond. I’ve noticed that Diamond has been paying a bit more attention and is bowing really low to Xavier (who is always far more attentive). And their courtship displays have been more frequent (whereas the scrape preparation has dropped off, although not entirely).

Here Xavier arrives just on sunset.

And here is Diamond crouching really low (or is the unusual camera angle).

And a little movie.

MF Interaction Diamond low pose

Despite much searching, no sightings of the juveniles. However, whilst Xavier has spent much of the time in the box, Diamond has been out and about most of the day. Perhaps she has been doing most of the training. Who knows. A bit frustrating!

Anyway, it’s January and I am heading off up to Bellingen (north coast hinterland, NSW) tomorrow, coming back on 15th. 5 days of guitar playing, bird watching in the rainforest and swimming in the Bellingen River and perhaps in the ocean, seems a good idea to me.

I’ll have access to this website, but not to my software, so hopefully Scott and Arjen will be around…and I’ll catch up as soon as I can when I get back.

Thanks so much for all your support and comments this breeding season. I’ll catch you later in the month.


playlist Falcon Peregrines Orange NSW 2017

Alphen aan de Rijn 9:51 Man

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