dinsdag 21 maart 2017

Kingston 15:49 Mating

Orange NSW A new male in our box

Published 21 March, 2017 | By Cilla Kinross A new male in our box

I’m pretty sure this male is not Xavier who was sheltering in the box during a violent thunderstorm this afternoon. Facial/neck markings show a distinct streak. Tail seems broader. Also behaviour was odd: much looking up and around the box as if it was a first visit. What do you think?


Cilla, I think Xavier is still there. He was easy to recognize, having a white spot on top of his left wing. I see this mark in both last videos.



playlist Falcon Peregrines Orange NSW 2017

Zielitz 13:44 3rd egg

De Mortel 16:08 2nd egg

De Mortel 11:11 Mating

Illkirch 8:57 Prey transfer

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Alphen aan de Rijn 8:16 Male on the first egg

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Alphen aan de Rijn 6:37 First egg?

I'm not sure about a first egg, because I've not seen it yet, but it looks the first one is there.

playlist Slechtvalken Alphen aan de Rijn 2017

De Mortel 6:37 Mating