dinsdag 22 november 2016

Orange NSW 23 nov 6:29 Vim on the ledge

6:29 Vim on the ledge.

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Orange NSW 23 nov 5:34 Vim doing morning exercises

5:34 Vim doing morning exercises.
6:00 Shadow on the wall.

playlist Falcon Peregrines Orange NSW 2016

Orange NSW Both girls found safe and well

Published 22 November, 2016 By Cilla Kinross

With Vim still sitting up in the box, I started driving down to where I last saw Rubi and half way there I spotted her (or Mell, I’m not going to try and tell them apart) on a fence post.

Rubi (?) on fence

As I watched, she took off and flew around the woods and into a tall pine. I left the car and found her in the pines, but my photos are poor. Then she took off again and flew back to the main wood.

Not much of a photo either, but evidence of good flight.

So I walked through the wood and found a female juvenile half-way up a eucalypt on a branch. I suspected Mell as I thought Rubi had flown further towards the box.

So I got myself into a spot where I could see both Mell and Vim and waited. About half an hour later, I heard a third juvenile calling and finally found Rubi again, even higher in a tree.

Female no. 2 found at last

So at one time I could see four peregrines in one sweeping glance. Only one missing was Xavier, presumably chasing those pesky galahs. Hopefully I’ll see a feed another time.

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Alphen aan de Rijn 10:28 Man in de kast

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Orange NSW 15:46 Vim meets Xavier

15:06 Xavier flies by.
15:46 Vim meets Xavier.
18:26 Vim eats leftovers.

playlist Falcon Peregrines Orange NSW 2016