woensdag 1 februari 2017

Nottingham 16:28 Male & Female and prey

Male with prey, she's not taking it.

playlist Falcon Peregrines Nottingham 2017

Amsterdam AEB 10:51 Male & Female

Nottingham 12:03 Male & Female

playlist Falcon Peregrines Nottingham 2017

Orange NSW Sound video from Cilla Kinross

Juvenile visit to box

Published 1 February, 2017 | By Cilla Kinross

Another visit by a juvenile, seen off by Diamond, who appeared quite aggressive. Possibly this was an intruder? I’ll have a look around on the way home and I have my camera today:)

I also had a nice shot of Xavier doing a rather clumsy landing.

Not his best landing!

And of Xavier with a bug in the box that was clearly annoying him!

Xavier and insect

I tried to load this one last week, but the website didn’t want to let me do anything.

There’s going to be an equipment upgrade soon, so there may be a break in transmission, hopefully brief. Will let you know.

Keep cool. Quite horrible here and no let up in sight.

Cheers Cilla

playlist Falcon Peregrines Orange NSW 2017

Orange NSW 12:52 Diamond & Juvenile

12:52 Diamond on the ledge.
12:52 A juvenile tries to enter the nestbox.
12:52 The juvenile flies by, Diamond chases it.

playlist Falcon Peregrines Orange NSW 2017