vrijdag 17 maart 2017

Nottingham 13:44 Male on the egg for the 1st time

He let the egg roll. :-)

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Illkirch 17:54 Prey transfer

Orange NSW A lame Diamond, as autumn sets in

A lame Diamond, as autumn sets in

Published 17 March, 2017 | By Scott Banks

The eyrie may have been quiet for a month or two now but Cilla’s still working her way through the surveillance footage in attempts to identify badly reconstituted peregrine meals, and possible intruders.The down time is giving everyone a breather but, hopefully, those 3 youngsters have learnt enough hunting skills that they can go on their way, confident of feeding in their own territories.

Today one of our long time supporters picked up a possible issue with Diamond’s left wing. She appears to be favouring it, and at this stage we can’t tell if she’s injured or broken it but I doubt she’d be able to fly with a broken wing, so we’re hoping for the best. Thanks Kathy, well spotted, and thanks for letting us know!!

The colder weather has finally begun to take effect in Orange, after what’s been a severe and record-breaking summer of high temperatures around New South Wales, but this cooler change will be suiting the peregrines (and their flying food supply larder).

Video clip (13 March 2017) – Diamond ousts an unidentified peregrine from the ledge …

Video clip 16 March 2017) – late evening arrival by an injured Diamond

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Alphen aan de Rijn 15:47 Male & Female

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Amsterdam AEB 17:32 2nd egg

Nottingham 9:40 First egg

playlist Falcon Peregrines Nottingham 2017

Nottingham 8:03 Prey transfer

De Mortel 9:54 Mating

Illkirch 7:47 Female with prey

De Mortel 7:40 Mating 3x

De Mortel 6:34 Mating